Movies to Video Games Review -- Aladdin (GEN/DOS/Amiga)

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Description: Movies To Video Games Reviews Review #7 Comments Disabled as a Version 2.0 will be made in the near future. But continue to enjoy or otherwise as far as this video goes. A new improved version will be on the way eventually. Thanks. ---This is a Fan Requested Review--- Aladdin for the Sega Genesis, PC (MS-DOS) and Commodore Amiga is fully reviewed and analyzed as compared to the actual movie itself. The Sega Genesis version is the one played with through out this review but all three versions are basically the same with minor graphical or interface differences. This video also counts as the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Nintendo Entertainment System ports of the game as they were all similar in game play, set up and nature and made by Virgin games. Feel free to comment. More movies to video games reviews coming soon.. suggestions and feedback welcome and encouraged. Score break downs weren't included in video to save on space and time and hard to read small text.. they are listed here instead and are based on a 1-10 system with 10 being the best score possible. They are as follows: Story Accuracy to the Movie 6.0 (The cutscenes and the final moments of the game are dead on to the movie. The rest of the game though is weird variations that take strange off shoot paths to what was in the film.) Music Soundtrack Accuracy to the Movie's 8.0 (The music is dead on accurate and a great recreation of what was heard in the movie. Too bad a lot of the songs were placed in stages that didn't relate to where the song was heard in said movie... .) Game Difficulty 5.5 (The final boss battle is tricky as are managing some jumps. The rest of the game will be pretty easy and straight forward with very little trouble..) Overall Fun 7.0 (It's a lot of fun and does have a bit of variety with bonus stages and different things to do on the various stages. Would have liked to seen more then what we wind up with though..) Final Score: 6.50 AVERAGE
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