Firewatch - Hot Pepper Game Review ft. Lisa Foiles

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Description: Lisa Foiles, the redhead from seasons 7-10 of All That and also a writer, host, and content creator for the internet reviews Firewatch, directly after eating a habanero pepper and cursing Vernon and Jared's names. --------- Follow @HotPepperGaming on Twitter ► Subscribe for new videos every MONDAY! ► Follow Lisa on Twitter! ► Check out more Lisa! ► Hot Pepper Gaming shirts now available! ► Like HotPepperGaming on Facebook ► Subscribe to our Subreddit! ► Watch our last video! ► SFX by Music: Ideetje by RoccoW - Episode edited by Adam Perez ► Hot Pepper Game Reviews is your only source on the internet for in-depth game reviews and also hot pepper reviews at the same time.
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