The Game of Life Junior from Hasbro

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Description: Instead of taking players through their entire lives, The Game of Life Junior takes kids ages 5 and up through one fun-filled day. For full review and shopping info► Product Info: The Game of Life Junior makes the classic board game accessible to young kids. Instead of taking players through their entire lives, this junior version takes kids through one fun-filled day. To start the game, which is for two to four players, each player places his or her junior car on the matching color Start space and takes the Book of Adventures that matches the car color. Each player also gets three VIP tickets and four $1 notes. One player will also need to be the banker. To play, take turns spinning the spinner and moving your car that many spaces. If you land on a yellow Action space (which is pretty much every space on the board), take an Action card and do what it says. Some Action cards give you stars to place on your Book of Adventures or money, while others take away stars or money. If you stop at an attraction, pay the entry fee to the bank and put a star on your Book of Adventures. If you have a matching VIP ticket, you get a bonus star. And any time you pass your Start space, you get an extra $1 note. Players can also land on the Fun Train space, which will earn them a star and give them fast access to the other side of the game board. The first player to get 10 stars wins the game. Then all players tell what they did on their fun day. The Game of Life Junior comes with a game board, four car tokens, a spinner and base, 96 cards, and 48 stars.
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