Pokemon Uranium Review [Parody]

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Description: A Pokemon Uranium Review that's guaranteed to knock your socks off and put them back on for you just how you like em. In this Pokemon Uranium parody, Mamaburd finds himself... in a new fan made pokemon game, I mean that's about it. What else did you expect? Something more exciting? Pshh. You've got a better chance of finding a Pokemon Uranium mac download. And there isn't one, so good luck with that. Seriously though guys, all jokes aside, Pokemon Uranium is a pretty solid game. You should still watch the video though, I've got lots of stuff to say in the review, you've just gotta click that sideways triangle in the bottom left corner of the video rectangle box thing and it'll allow me to come into your house via your computer screen and I'll let ya know how I feel about the game face to face. lol just kidding it's pre-recorded. How crazy would that be though? If I could just like pop out of your computer screen. Man that'd be freaky. Let's not think about that anymore. This isn't Mamaburd by the way. It's not Randy either though. Oh god who is it? Find out next time when I post another garbage video with a garbage descriptions that's literal keyboard vomit disguised as something more intriguing. P.S. You'll never find out who's writing these. Join The Flock ► http://goo.gl/AgHDma Follow me on Twitter! ► http://www.twitter.com/Natelive4 T Shirt Shop ► http://www.redbubble.com/people/mamab... Royalty Free Music by Epidemic Sound
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